Tennesse Women with a Checkered Past ... Bettie Page is included : )

Bettie Page is on this list .... Surprise, Surpise : )

Actually it's an interesting article. Bettie Page (1923-)

In 1955, Bettie Page was named “Miss Pinup Girl of the World.” She was
also the Playboy centerfold for January of that same year. She was 32 years old.

Her modeling career began in 1950 when she had a chance encounter with Jerry Tibbs on the beach at Coney Island. Tibbs was responsible for putting together Bettie’s first pinup portfolio.

Over the next several years, Page was introduced to several photographers and had her pictures published in several “gentlemen’s magazines.”

Page’s popularity is attributed to being able to portray both innocence and wickedness and to do so quite comfortably. Though she posed several times in the nude, her most provocative photos are those in which she is partially clothed.

In 1958, Bettie Page retired from the pinup life. In an era where most models of her sort had a career measured in months, hers lasted eight years.

Bettie Page photo courtesy of the Tennesseean. (Source)


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