World's First Eyeball Tattoo

I'm going to be upfront.... this really creeps me out. I find it a little gross... but that's just me. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.... with that said, check this out.

World's first eyeball tattoo SQUEAMISH readers might want to look away now as we unveil the world's first ever EYEBALL TATTOO.The freaky procedure was carried out to turn a body-art fan's eye blue.And it took FORTY insertions of the needle to get the job done. Volunteer Pauly Unstoppable, from Canada, has perfect vision but jumped at the chance to be the first punter. Brave Pauly said he had full confidence in the team working on him - but urged people not to try it at home. He added: "The Procedure was extensively researched and done by people who were aware of the risks and possible complications and that it should not be casually attempted." Now that this experiment has been started, please wait for us to either heal or go blind before trying it."

What the hell was he inking?

To see a slide show of the procedure click here. (source by Dave Matthews)


  1. YUCK!!!
    I tried to look but couldn't handle it!


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