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Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend! Be the Home Run Queen

Diamond's are a girl's best friend : )


Show your team spirit without a jersey and ball cap. These necklaces made of material salvaged from the seats of famous ballparks are a subtle and unique way for female fans to show their pride. Features a sterling silver ball chain and the name of each stadium engraved on the back. Each item comes with a certificate of stadium material authenticity.

you can also choose to get earrings seen above or the bracelet : ) Choose from:Yankee Stadium (royal blue)RFK Stadium (orange) Shea Stadium (orange - plastic seats as opposed to wood) Dodger Stadium (blue) Fenway Park (dark blue) Comiskey Park (light green) Wrigley Field (dark green) Tiger Stadium (dark green) Baltimore Memorial Stadium (grey) Busch Stadium (grey) Boston Gardens (dark orange) Polo Grounds (dark green)

Created by designer Ward Wallau. Color and condition of wood will vary slightly due to years of wear. Don't leave your guy out!

Smashing Magazine . . . Is Quite Smashing : )

If you like to surf the web with the keyword "retro," I found a really cool site that I think everyone will enjoy called: Smashing Magazine.

Lots of free stuff; i.e., wallpapers, fonts, graphics, tips, advice and my favorite ... ads from the past. Their first paragraph says it all : )
Retro and vintage designs are often considered as being outdated, looking old, unattractive and dull. That’s not true. Although compared to modern design, retro is mostly a completely different realm, it has a large variety of benefits modern graphic designers often tend to overlook. And that’s a pity. Because we, as designers, can earn a lot from it.Nostalgic designs arise feelings, awake memories and better manage to involve broad range of readers even although they don’t really realize it. Furthermore, retro can look cool and offer readers or visitors something they haven’t expected at all. So why not try to impress them with some impressive vintage art for a change? Below you’ll find the cel…

Trend Alert ~ Rockabilly Hairstyle's ... The Bun

Fabulous article on BellaSugar on how to acheive perfect Rockabilly Hair. And there description is right on queue: "Rockabilly hair can best be described as a modern take on the bun—but it has more height, added texture, and just a little bit of edginess, since the look doesn't require every single hair to be in place."

The look can easily be created at home by following these five simple steps. Use a little bit of Phytovolume Actif Maximizing Volume Spray while blow-drying hair to give it shape and height. Next, Isolate a section of hair at the top and spritz it with a firm hold hairspray. Then, wrap hair around four hot rollers and let it set for fifteen minutes. Next, pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail and secure with a hair elastic (choose a color closest to your own hair color). Let the curls flop to one side and secure the ponytail to the top your head with bobby pins. Overlap the curls, pin them and then mist your entire head again with hairspray. And, if y…

Bettie Page Dances to the Seeds

Love the music on this one . . .

WOO HOO! We were reviewed by Chateau Bizarre!

We're so excited and we just can't hide it.... hey I think that's a song! But, we are excited our site Get Go Retro was reviewed by and made the Site of the Day.

The Chateau is a blog devoted to “hardcore fashion and curious finds, reviewed daily.” Their reviews include the unusual and gorgeous, highlighted from the catalogs of independent merchants all over the world. The subcultural, the hard-to-find, the one-of-a-kind are all served up on a regular basis in their pages, with nearly 2000 online stores and 60 categories of merchandise in their directory.

It's a great site and worth checking out, you made find something you want, need or even don't need : ) !