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Great News! We are authorized sellers of Revamp Vintage Swimwear!!!!

So excited. We are now an authorized dealer of Revamp Vintage swimwear fashions, they center on swimsuits inspired by designs from 1930-1950,Revamp offers all the elegance and beauty of bygone eras in clothing that can be worn comfortably in a contemporary context. They are gorgeous, well made and so very retro : ) Check them out at Our favorite... the Lexy. Lots of coverage and still oh so sexy.

Interesting Photos of Some of Our Favorite 1950's Characters

Wow, just came across a really interesting site of photos... worth sharing. Check out Mogadonia:

tobsoya4:to:vintagephoto: Rare and some unseen pictures of Marylin Monroe
And who doesn't love Hitchcock?

The Audrey Hepburn "Updo" Timeless and Classic

Bangs are in. There are Bettie Page bangs, the Cleopatra straight cut bangs and the fringe bangs; and then there are the short short bangs. Then there is the Audrey Hepburn hairdo in Breakfast at Tiffany's. On Audrey Hepburn, short bangs accentuate her doe like eyes, making them appear larger than they were. Your eyes are drawn to her eyes by the well shaped eyebrows and large eyes. Hepburn's updo gives her a flirtatious pixy look which is she is famous for.Hepburn's updo is timeless. Her hair is simply pulled up into a ponytail and fluffed for fullness. The ends are curled under and secured with bobby pins. If you feel secure with this look, here's how to get it:

Separate your bangs. Your bangs need to be cut in an uneven pattern and texturized, by point cutting or with a razor, so that they appear light and natural. Cutting them straight off will give you a blunt and chunky look.Pull the rest of your hair back smoothly and form it into a full, controlled ponytail. Thi…

Such are the dreams of the everyday house wife ... or NOT!

Retro aprons and glove sets are fun, sexy and all about feeling glamorous; these sets enhance the merriment of playing whimsical dress-up combined with the indulgent delights of naughty pin-ups. Featured in numerous media outlets, these apron sets are also sweet treats for yourself and fun gifts for mothers, sisters, daughters, and brides.

And hey, if you really do housework, why not look good while you are doing it? Available at Get Go Retro.

Pinup model is Kitty Von Mew

We've Added the Revamp Vintage Bridal Line to Our Shop!

We are pleased to add the addition of the Revamp Vintage Bridal line to our online shop. Designer Annamarie von Firley, is a designer with a passion for collecting and wearing vintage clothing, received her first degree from Hampshire College with a Bachelor of Arts in Wooden Toy Design and Construction. She moved to San Francisco nearly seven years ago to earn her second degree from California College of Arts and Crafts and graduated with honors with a BFA in Furniture Design. She formerly was the Product Designer and Operations Manager for Grandiflorum Perfumes. Annamarie is also a professional dancer working with three local companies. In her spare time, Annamarie is an accomplished flying trapeze artist. A member of the Art Deco Society of California, Annamarie has amassed a growing collection of vintage clothing, catalogues, movies, music and art from 1890 to 1950.

We are highlighting the "Lillian" Gown. The bride of the 1940s had World War II to contend with. Rationing…