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What's Under the Dress is as Important as The Dress

Looking for a great read that's interesting; entertaining, informative and hysterical at times? You will love: A Slip Of A Girl: A Lingerie Blog. It had me mesermerized for hours as I clicked on all the links. It's a great historical blog that brings you up to the present which will leave you scratching your head at the torture that we women went through in the old days, to the frilly sexy fun things that we wear and covet. Their blog highlights retro and vintage lingerie while it explores the romance of lingerie fashion and shopping for it. It encompasses sex, culture, erotica and fun. It's more than satin and lace and even cotton : )

If you are looking for something special you will find postings on indie designers, well known companies and links/places to find a great sale. Heck, they even offer coupons and codes to get discounts. This wonderful blog also has their own online store at Amazon.Topics in the sidebar include: Lingerie in Movies, Corsets, Show & Tell and…

Alfred Shaheen the Hawaiian Shirt Guru Dies at 92

Comfortable. Usually cotton. Roomy. How many people out there have a Hawaiian shirt hanging in your closet right now. Chances are ... quite a few. Today, the colorful shirts are a staple of most people's closet. Aloha shirts are colorful, they are the first hint of spring and summer and they go with jeans, skirts, shorts, etc. More importantly, you can pretty much wear them anywhere. So, say "thank you" to Alfred Shaheen the man who made the Aloha Shirt popular and revolutionized the garment industry in postwar Hawaii, who died Dec. 22 from complications due to diabetes.

Quite a feat if you think about it. After World War II, servicemen and women returning to the States from Asia and the Pacific Islands brought along the aloha shirts (that had been made in Hawaii since the 1930s.) Soon. the tropical-print shirts andsundresses became a standard and at times a "tacky" souvenir for travelers. By the 50's Tourists had begun flocking to Hawaii as faster airplane…