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Breaking News ... Kitsch Bird Flu Outbreak

From Breaking News --- Bird Flu Epidemic. As they state: "Wow -- That is awful news. More so because I really dig those pink yard flamingos. Guess it is the trailer park deep down in me." Come on ... it's to laugh .. I thought this was hysterical!!!!

Hawaiian Inspired Swimsuits ... Sheehan would be proud!

Hawaii; a place where fresh, floral air energizes you and warm, tranquil waters refresh you. With breathtaking, natural beauty and hunky surfers on the beach -- who wouldn't want to go there! With the economy the way it is ... if you can't go you can dress like you are there. We have great Hawaiian patterned swimsuits at our sister site: Get Go Swimwear that look great with a tan, laying on a towel or playing in the water! And, they are all under $70.00! After all, it's all about the tan isn't it?
Pink Hawaiian Dip - The colorful pattern will be sure to brighten up your mood.
Scooped to the max in front and back with high cut legs.

Honolulu String - Ready for that next tropical vacation? Slip into this
totally fun in the sun suit and you are ready to take a stroll along the beach
or just bask in the sun! Bright, fun print is refreshing and will be sure
to make you look your best.

Hawaiian Islands Bikini - Escape to the Hawaiian Islands in this belted bikini. The
long Triangle…

Gretchen Bonaduce "Spot On" In Pinup Style Swimwear

Sailor Girl Gretchen Bonaduce looks pin-up Glam in a red polka dot swimsuit. Gretchen Bonaduce was married to Danny Baonduce for 17 years. She looks fantastic in a vintage swimsuit on site . You can also follow her on her My Space page: