The Artwork of El Gato Gomez

I love presenting the gifts of all our customers.  Check out The Art of El Gato Gomez; Retro Inspired Artist.  He is an artist and designer with a passion for mid-century modernist design principles. He says, " I have adored that awesome retro style since I was just a little kid and the obsession has just ballooned over the years."  It's Christmas, if you are looking to find a great original piece of artwork for someone, and you want to help an aspiring artist, check out his work.   His work is  on Ebay: The Art of El Gato Gomez; Retro Inspired Artist and his personal site: El Gato Gomez where  he offers original works for sale.  (I love the cats : )  )


  1. HI el Gato Gomez is actually a she - read this fun interview


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