Is This Wild or What? Pavillion Made from 200 Recycled Speedo's

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This amazing pavilion designed by students at Chelsea College of Art & Design has been on show during the London Festival of Architecture for the last couple of weeks. It is made from the unlikeliest of materials, Speedo swimsuits.  What a fantastic example of the design possibilities that can be found in the upcycling process.

Sustainable Design Brief

The pavilion' is the result of a collaborative project between Chelsea College of Art & Design and the famous Speedo swimwear brand, which asked students to look at issues of sustainability, production and use of materials.  Redundant Swimsuits

Students on Chelsea's Platform 2 were given 600 'LZR racer' swimming suits to find an appropriate use for. Why the LZR racer? And why so many? Well due to recent changes in swimming competition rules this incredibly hi-tech piece of sportswear was made redundant leaving Speedo with hundreds of swimsuits they could no longer sell.
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