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In Pursuit of My Inner Pinup ... Fabulous Blog Read ...

Came across a fabulous blog today ... have to share.

Check out: In Pursuit of My Inner Pinup! A journal of a woman losing weight; finding herself and becoming her best "you." Fun facts, pictures, ideas and tips. A well written fun read! I love her Cat Diet -- so I'm going to share from her site!  (P.S.  ... Not sure if anyone can ever look as great as Julie Newmar ... but one can try : )  )

Cat Miracle Diet

Most diets fail because we stubbornly continue to think and eat like humans. For those us who have never had any success dieting there is the new Miracle Cat Diet! Except for cats that eat like people -- such as getting lots of table scraps -- most cats are long and lean (or tiny and petite). The Cat Miracle Diet will help you achieve the same lean, svelte figure as a cat. Just follow this diet for one week and you'll find that you not only look and feel better, but you will have a whole new outlook on what constitutes food. Good Luck!

Breakfast: Open can …