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The Retro Housewife ... You Need an Apron!

Like to mix things up? You need to wear a retro apron.  Whether you are an apron aficionado, like to cook or are new to the idea of wearing an apron, just know that vintage aprons have tremendous sex appeal all the whilst having a "use".  We always say that our aprons are for the girl who likes to stir things up in the kitchen.  Wear it with clothes (or not); with pearls (or not) ... depending on just what you plan on cooking up.
On a serious note ... vintage-inspired aprons are great for every type of mess, from flour showers to oil splashes and stains.  In addition, you can just grab a handful of apron when reaching for a hot dish, rather than hunting for those potholders yet again.  And, everyone still remembers the wonderful Donna Reed who is the epitome of the gorgeous housewife along with Barbara Billingsley of "Leave it to Beaver fame."
And to get you in the mood for cooking . . . check out this fabulous blog "Glamourous Housewife." They have a great…