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Had to post this absolutely adorable article: Sea Glass: Bikini Boss by By Lily O'Gara | Jul 25, 2014  from the Block Island Village Site.  This article is so "on target" I had to laugh and actually bought back memories from the past .... and present : )

"Next week, I’ll be on a Disney cruise in the Bahamas. And, while I’m really excited about the trip, I’m nervous, too. G
I’m not nervous because I dislike Disney (I know every word of every song) or because I’m afraid of boats (I’ve been on cruises in the past). Rather, I’m anxious about the same thing I struggle with every year: wearing a bikini. According to TIME Magazine, the modern bikini can be traced back to July 1946, when French engineer Louis RĂ©ard unveiled a garment “smaller than the world’s smallest swimsuit.” It caused such a fashion “bang” that it was named after the nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Since that fateful July in 1946, the bikini has only gotten smaller and in…

How To Look After and Get The Most From Your Vintage Clothes

The perception many people have of vintage clothes as being old and fusty, or somehow cheaper than hitting the high street actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you have a silk 1920s gown that you treasure or a pair of 1950s Chanel shoes that once belonged to your grandmother, vintage garments are precious pieces (and in some cases, family heirlooms) that need to be looked after and cared for properly. So what is the best way to look after your vintage clothes to ensure they’re still in great condition for the next generation? Here are a few hints and tips:
Store Your Vintage Clothes Properly
Your vintage clothes need to be stored correctly to ensure they remain in the best possible condition. In fact, these same rules will apply to all garments you love if you want to ensure they remain in wearable condition for a long time. Keep your clothes in a wardrobe out of direct sunlight to prevent any patching or fading. You should also ensure that your clothing can breathe: d…