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Friday Night ... Eyeliner Time! Brighten it up!

Sometimes you want to look a little different.  Try teal this season or perhaps sapphire. There's more to your make up drawer than black and the "smokey effect."  Step it up with a new vibrant color that shows off your eyes.  Actually brightens them.  

My pick ... try "LAURA GELLER INKWELL WATERPROOF GEL EYE LINER DUO NAVY TEAL BNIB .08 PER JAR" and it comes in black if you must : )  It's one of the best, the silkiest and the most long-wearing gel-based liners you ll ever get your hands on. A special gel silicon resin gives the no-budge, transfer-resistant formula its luxurious feel and crease-free finish. Unlike other gel liners that tend to dry out, Inkwell stays soft, moist and emollient, thanks to a well of skin-loving ingredients: VitaminE, Wheat Germ Oil and Jojoba Oil. You ll love how easy it is to apply.
And, once it sets, you ll forget it s even there. . • Black: a classic inky hue that goes on rich • Purple: an elegant aubergine that creates a beda…

Tie one on!!!! Bespoken WWII Peek-a- Boo Pin Up Silk Neckties

Peek a Boo Pin Up Silk Neckties
New in our shop at GeGoetro.   Our exclusive, custom made, one of a 
kind "Peek a Boo" pin up neckties are made for men, women, and children - 
(we hate to exclude anyone!)

A little history ....  Men wore these type of personalized neckties in the 
20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's that were completely normal, average, even 
dignified appearing from the outside. However, when you flipped 
them over they revealed an intriguing little surprise only the wearer
and those they chose to let in on their little secret knew about! We decided to make our own using  classic pin-ups that are printed 
on professionally treated, 100% silk fabric and the vintage style necktie 
is re-fashioned with the pin up of your choice.   The tie is just like any
other quality  neck tie in that it is completely dry cleanable without any 
risk to your peek-a-boo print inside (or you can provide us with your own 
tie.) The pin-up print inside averages approximately 3x6 inches a…