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Free!!!! Knit Your Own Elvis Wig ... Too Priceless not to post!

Knitted Elvis Wig - available here and FREE TO USE*!The hand knitted Elvis wig pattern is here and FREE. Brainchild of artist and The Shed head Simon Thackray, the knitted Elvis wig was specially designed by Sirdar to coincide with the world's first North Yorkshire Elvis Bus Tour.Photo: (left to right) Ian McMillan, Wendy Moorby, David Rawson and Simon ThackrayTo get the pattern; visit The Shed.

The Art of The Pin Curl .. . Hair, it's a beautiful thing!

Pin curls were the basic hair styling method for almost every 40's style - even if you put the front of your hair in rollers. They're not hard to do, you just have to get the feel of it. After creating pin curls for a while you will be able to do it without a mirror. Pin curls can used for the back of your hair when the front's in rollers, or you can do your whole head in pin curls - a lot of perms from the day were made exclusively with pin curls. Here are the basics:

Take a small section of damp hair (not wet, especially if your hair is long - it can take FOREVER to dry).

Grasp near the root and smooth the strand. Use a little bit of gel to keep the "hold" .
Turn (not twist) hair strand around end of forefinger in the direction you want the curl to go, (it's like winding a ball of string.) When you get to the end of your hair, put the tip of the finger with the hair around it against the scalp, and gently slide the curl off your finger. Hold the end plus the e…