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Danica McKellar AKA/ Winnie of the Wonder Years in Retro Swimsuit

Danica McKellar otherwise known as "Winnie" the "Dream Girl" of Fred Savage in the Wonder Years; in a fabulous Retro Inspired Photo Shoot.

This girl's really got it "goin' on!" Beautiful and smart. Did you know she is a math wiz with a bestselling book called, Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle-School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail, which has been named in Amazon's "100 Best Books of 2007."

Inspirational and beautiful.

The suit is similar to our Pink Floral swimsuit at Get Go Retro!

AndiFashion... A Cool Fashion Directory

Came across a great site this week called AndiFashion -- Her Mission: Identify the best products and the sites that yield the best information fastest and for the least effort. And, I would say she is a tremendous success. Better than the yellow pages ... she has everything categorized, you can find what you need/want easily and thumbshots of the storefront/website are right there on her site before you have to click. I found everything from Barkcloth Hawaii --(a cool fabric store); to Blue Velvet Vintage to the official The J Peterman Company oh, and before I forget (like I would : ) ) she was kind enough to add us; Get Go Retro.

How to Dress Retro & Unique by wikiHow : )

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Do you want to know how to dress retro/vintage, and still make it your own unique style? Here are the steps to dressing funky and out there.
Get all your clothes from thrift stores. You can even make clothes yourself, or shop at boutiques in other cities. Add flair to clothes you already own, too. Add patches to your shirts or jeans, add on buttons and sorts. If you create your own clothes, it will be guaranteed that no one will own what you have!
Mix and match your clothes. but don't mix them up too much. Balance it off with some neutral colors.
Layer all your funky colorful shirts, and wear a flowy skirt with leggings and flats!
Accessorize. This is the one thing that really makes an outfit pop and look funky and so retro. Thrift stores offer vintage jewelery that you usually can't find anywhere else! Try colorful bangles, headbands, pearls, vintage looking necklaces and dangling earrings!
Wear a lot of new and wild makeup. …

Cool Site Find -- Rockabilly Girls

Looking for a nice site about Rockabilly Girls? Check out Their goal is to create "the largest internet database of rockabilly, psychobilly, western swing, and swing female led bands."

And while you are there , you can take some dance lessons on how to do the stroll!