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Strike a Pose to Look Thinner in Your Swimsuit!

Strike A Pose!

Models know better than anyone the importance of posing. All those hours in front of a mirror to find your best angles pays off with award-winning images, and careers. The slant of the shoulder and flip of a hip are sometimes all the difference between mundane and marvelous photos!

You can also pose your way to a flatter, more toned midsection. Perfecting posture to make your tummy look flatter and your waistline look smaller is part of swimwear photography. Study some of the photos and you’ll notice that the best swimwear poses twist the body to its best advantage. A slight twist in the hips makes every waistline appear smaller. TIP: Stretch it out. You can take off the appearance of five pounds just by elongating your body when you pose. Hold your torso tall, imagining your head in a crown, and don’t be afraid to go up on those toes.

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