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Zooey Deschannel in Stop Staring

It’s really too bad that Peach Arch didn't open The Go-Getter in more theaters, as it is the type of film, like Garden State, to have huge a break-out appeal for their target audience an DVD. Zooey Deschanel, Jena Malone, Judy Greer and Maura Tierney are in the movie as is M. Ward . A great soundtrack featuring M. Ward, Elliott Smith and The Replacements is also intertwined which makes wonderful sense if you have ever heard the She and Him DVD featuring Deschannel and Ward. (P.S. If you haven't heard it ... it's nice. I have it. Zooey has a very smooth voice.)
The movie was a 2007 Sundance feature and from the trailer it looks like your standard quirky indie Sundance fare. Lou Taylor Pucci stars as a guy who steals a car and heads out on a road trip to find his brother following his mother's death. Along the way he meets up with Jena Malone, meets up with Maura Tierney, and all the while continues to build a phone relationship with the girl whose car he stole (Zooey).

Retro Swimwear Abounds in 2008

The Fashion Industry got it right this year. Lot's of swimwear with coverage and retro appeal. I pretty much went crazy looking at Macy's site... Lots of great styles that were affordable to choose from ... here are a few of the great ones! (In my book)...

Profile by Gottex A feminine bandini swimsuit top with ruffle trim, by Gottex.

Ann Cole Classic Dot Tankini Right on the dot for charm and femininity. This retro-inspired halter tankini features a fun dot print print, gathered straps and a solid hipster bottom. DKNY Draped Swim Dress Think of Sophia Loren stretched out on a lounge chair by the pool . . . A beautiful suit reflective of Hollywood Glamour in the 50's. A chic approach to a little more coverage: the swimdress by DKNY.

Buying a Tuxedo

The tuxedo's history dates from 1860, when Henry Poole & Co. (Savile Row's founders), created a short smoking jacket for the then Prince of Wales (later Edward VII of the United Kingdom) to wear to informal dinner parties. Persartorial legend, in spring of 1886, because the Prince fancied Cora Potter, heinvited her husband, James Potter, a rich New Yorker, to Sandringham house, his Norfolk hunting estate. When Potter asked the Prince's dinner dress recommendation, he sent Potter to Henry Poole & Co., in London. On returning to New York in 1886, Potter's dinner suit proved popular at the Tuxedo Park Club; the club men copied him, soon making it their informal dining

Buying a tuxedo is something that most average men get to do only once or twice in their lives. It can be exciting and intimidating. Visiting a tailor and requesting alterations is a throw back to yesterday with today's off-the-rack fashions.

Keep in mind that online tuxedo sellers can slas…

All That Glitters is Gold : )

Just came across a very interesting and unique site today called Lileks. It's a great historical trip down memory lane with pictures and info about swimsuits through the ages. From swim caps, to gold lame to leather and now. Here's a sampling of his work:

Here we have Betty Koch at the Outdoor Ceramic Tile Testing Grounds, modeling “the 24 carat.” The copy reminds women that it is better to dress up in the color of a historically stable medium of exchange than pursue an individual career:
“All that glitters here is gold. It’s gold lastex woven in a diamond pattern. This is the kind of suit that makes man see stars at high noon. The suit costs $60.00 but is guaranteed to make your figure your fortune. In fact it does more for a girl than money in the bank.”Really, that’s what it says. When did money in the bank buy you a drink, complain about its wife, get cigar ash on your dress and grope you in the taxi?
Compare yesterday's suit with that of today : )

IN STOCK! The Eggplant Hey Dress by Stop Staring!


We are so excited to announce that we received a shipment of the Eggplant Kick pleat "Hey" Dress by Stop Staring. Finally the Pleats dress! This dress is so 1940’s! Is a beautiful and unique eggplant color! Is made of the highest quality stretch bengaline! This dress has the most amazing details. Has a very geometric neckline. There are pin tucks on the bust, sleeves, and front skirt. Waist is fitted and follows to a pencil skirt. The best part is when you turn around! Back of skirt bottom features the most amazing vintage like details. There are a row of long pleats. Above the pleats, is a flap with 2 covered faux buttons. This dress is to die for! Snatch this now before it sells out! Available at Get Go Retro!

Rockabilly Hair - Victory Rolls

A tutorial on how to get that victory roll 40's look