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The 10 Most Famous Pinup Girls

I received a request from Sarah over at Sexy Costume Discounters who asked if I would post a copy of her very first attempt at blogging ... of course I said, "Yes." We can always learn something new. So here is her take on:

The 10 Most Famous Pin-Up Girls

Betty Grable – Betty Grable was undeniably the most famous andpopular pin-up girl, and her bikini pictures graced many camps during WWII. Grable had a contract to act for 20th Century Fox, appearing in such pictures as The Gay Divorcee and Coney Island, though she is just as well known for her stunning photos as she is for her acting career.

Betty Page – Second only to Grable, Betty Page was one of the most influential women in history. Her photos featuring fetishism and bondage, shocking at the time, opened up the doors to an early sexual revolution. She became one of the first Playmates of the Month for Playboy, and still today her trademark black hair and short, blunt bangs remain an inspiration to empowered women every…

How to Make a "BOW" Bun ... Very Very Classy!

This is a very cool video. I don't speak the language, but you don't have to. The online directions are so "spot on" you will feel like you can conquer this yourself!

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