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The Ponytail : High, Low, Wavy and Perky. Versatile and Timeless. Sport one yourself!

Nothing says the fifties any more than the classic ponytail; which has never gone out of style.  It works for toddlers who can't comb their own hair; all the way up to the age of senior citizen (who still sometimes, can't comb their own hair.)  Perfect if you want to keep the hair out of your eyes; perfect if you are a no muss kind of gal and perfect if it's hot and you want your hair off your neck.  Also, perfect for jeans and a top, or even an elegant evening.    It's a versatile style that can be dressed up with makeup and hair accessories and still look great with a plain rubber band.  Although you should probably save your hair by using Elastic Snag Free  hair bands.
If you've watched any awards show this season or picked up a fashion magazine, you've seen that everyone seens to be  sporting: ponytails!   Think about it; Lucille Ball wore a pony tail quite frequently, Tony Little (exercise guru) sports one, and heck, even Barbie has sported one since the fi…

Clint Walker's Work Out (Old Video but still great : ) )

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