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No "BUTTS" About It; Clothes Made From Cigarette Butts

It's different ... but ecological. 
Fashion from a cigarette butt.  Who'd have thunk it???  New Chilean fashion designer, Alexandra Guerro, has managed to create beautiful upcycled wears from wool and discarded cancer sticks.  It's true.  Every one of her garments possess 10% of purified cigareete butts and 90% natural sheep wool.

Guerrero says; "This project began as an idea for my thesis.  We always wanted to do sustainable design but we didn't want to do something that was already seen, so we started thinking of a waste that was unnoticed and then we thought of cigarette butts."   And, after seeing the positive results and large interest generated, Alexandra decided to turn the project into a business. For now, the clothes, can only be purchased through email, at Prices range from $50 for a beret, $125 for the adorable sweater and, our favorite, $110 for a dress.

Get Bettie Page Hair Easy .. Try the Hairfree brush!

When one thinks of the "classic pinup" few names come to mind faster than Bettie Page. A raven haired beauty and icon of the 50s, she was best known for her trademark hairstyle, bangs, blue eyes and uninhibited relationship with the camera. Bettie's hairstyle is one that women are emulating. Want the look? Here is how:
Be prepared to color your hair for the full "Bettie homage" look; unless your hair is already dark brown or black. Of course you can still the "the style" without dying your hair but it wouldn't be the Bettie Page look without going dark. Have your bangs cut short. The bangs should be equal length across the entire forehead. The bangs need only be long enough to work with rollers or a curling iron. Keep the hair (except the bangs) long, coming past the shoulders at least. Tame the hair into big, soft curls. If your hair is naturally curly, try a relaxing product. Blow dry the hair with a diffuser and a round brush to achieve the big cur…