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Wide Leg Pants for Summer Lovin' Fashion

Wilma's Beach Wide Leg Pants A period reproduction pants that were worn in the 1930s. These pants are go every where pants, from work to a party. Have fun teaming it up with a tropical tie top. Enjoy the wide legs of these pants which were so typical of this time period. The leg opening is approximately 40 inches. The pants have a center back zipper and front and back darts for contouring the waist. We even used the old fashioned hem tape! It also has a beautifully detailed front hip pocket. The pocket is also reinforced with special fabric on the inside so no one will see it. If you would like two pockets one on each front hip just message us. If you want the pockets placed on the side hip, we can do that as well. both were common during the that time period. If you are looking for a special color that isn't listed please message us. It isn't a problem! Available at Get Go Retro!